E Komo Mai - Welcome!

Wedding Pavilion


Our wedding pavilion was carved and shaped to echo and pay homage to the forest in which it sits.  Its purpose is to offer a wedding destination of great beauty and complete privacy.  Your choice of music is brought into the space by means of a Bose sound system delivery from either your iPod or ours.  If you do not bring your own iPod with your chosen playlist for the occasion, we offer classical music as befits a wedding, followed by classical Hawaiian slack key guitar and ukulele tunes.

This outdoor room, protected from the weather by a wide roof pitched over a hardwood floor, can accommodate an intimate wedding party of up 24. 

Your wedding or civil union ceremony can be as simple as you the couple, the ceremony and a wedding toast, with photography and music, or we can help you plan an elegant reception to include a small group of people for a feast, dancing, and memories to last a lifetime. 

Anniversary celebrations or vow renewals are equally welcome. 

We will transport you and your guests from your local Volcano accommodations to and from the celebration  site.  Your special event will take place in complete privacy, the only onlookers the birds, the celebrant and witnesses, those guests you choose to include.

The Wedding Pavilion

We have put together a set of Hawaiian style ceremonies from which you may choose one that resonates with you, or you may furnish your own ceremonial words.

Hawaiian traditional ceremonies begin with blowing the sacred pu.  The spoken words honor spirit, place, the participants, and the gravitas of the celebration.