Capturing Your Experience


No matter where you choose to get married, when your day is over, it will be your memories of the event, and the photographs that bring it back to you, and carry the specialness of the occasion forward to people who care about you. Your photographs will be most special of all to some people who will not even be born yet, and yet will care deeply about you joining your lives together. Those people may be the children you will have and their children after them. They will share your wedding day through the pictures, and your stories.

It will be the look on your faces, and the joy of your being together that will matter to them, and the romance of the time and place.

We offer you two experienced photographers, fine photographic equipment, and some of the most photogenic places on the planet for your wedding pictures.

Our sensibility in photographing you is to capture your joy, your personality, your playfulness. Maybe your seriousness. We seek the spontaneous laugh, the delight in life, that cannot come from posed photos. The place you choose for your wedding is part of your story, and the place will form the context for your photographs. As part of your wedding plans, you may wish to spend some time devoted to recording who you are, with each other, in your wedding place, through photographs. In the process, you will visit some beautiful parts of the island, and the process will make you feel like rock stars. Or at least, very special.

All the Mahinui wedding packages include photography directly before, during, and after the ceremony. We also offer options to add photo excursions around the island. The photos you see on our website unless otherwise attributed were taken either at our property, or in the Botanical Gardens at Onomea.

We invite you to consider setting aside a day just for photos, and we will take you either to beaches or to waterfalls and the botanical gardens, and do still shots and video. If you choose to add a photography day, we will also videotape your ceremony if you wish.

A unique video can be produced from the photos, put together with your choice of music from your wedding. Price for this begins at $150 for a two minute video.

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