Big Island Adventures

There are few places on earth with the variety of adventures the Big Island has to offer.  You can be snorkeling in warm waters on Monday, at the top of a snow covered mountain at world class telescopes on Tuesday, visiting a coffee farm on Wednesday, watching lava flow from a volcano on Thursday, and every night relaxing in a rain water filled hot tub in the middle of the rain forest.

Some of these places you can reach by rental car, others are available to island visitors only through tours.

Mahinui Island Excursions are private photo tours in our Land Rover mud crawling rock climbing 4 wheel drive vehicle that goes where rental cars are forbidden, beyond the back roads,  and stops for photos on a whim.  Experience the Hawaii of many colored sands, petroglyphs, wild dolphins, steep canyons, ancient Heiaus . . . the Hawaii of legend you might have thought was lost to our time.

E Komo Mai - let us show you Hawaii, Kama’aina style

Let the adventures begin!

Mahinui Island Excursions